Verification of customers in 1C when writing off bonuses in a children's toy store


The national network of children's goods stores MYplay needed a reliable system for authorizing its users through the 1C system.
The task was to connect authorization by call and leave an SMS for a backup verification method.

Problems and difficulties before implementing call verification

All operations for writing off bonuses under the loyalty program were carried out by the cashier in 1C using the SMS service.

SMS not delivered

SMS delivered with a delay of up to 120 seconds
As a result of the difficulties that arose, the speed of service decreased, a queue formed at the checkout, and it became necessary to re-attempt to verify users, which negatively affected the quality of customer service at the outlet.

How the call authorization was implemented

  1. Based on the identified needs, we determined the appropriate user authorization method - a code of the last 4 digits of the incoming number. Finally, we provided detailed instructions and recommendations for integration with 1C.
  2. We agreed convenient time for the client, testing, and support for testing the platform.
  3. To reduce setup time and simplify integration with 1C, we created a unique 1C API, which allowed the customer's programmer to perform all the necessary work on system interaction in just 1 hour.
  4. After that, we moved on to testing the new system. Again, special attention was paid to dialing speed and call delivery to each user in tests.


  • Guaranteed customer verification service 24/7
  • Integration with 1C was completed in 1 hour
  • Personal account with a simple and intuitive interface for generating various reports
  • Reducing the load on the cash register, especially during rush hour
  • Improving the quality of customer service in the national network of stores
  • Reducing to 0 the number of failed verifications
  • Verification by call allowed to reduce the budget by 3 times compared to SMS
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