Verification of tenants when logging into the DAH mobile app


For the mobile application - DAH (your property on a smartphone), verification of the phone number of residents and representatives of management companies was required.
The task was to connect a simple and convenient user verification system from an application on a smartphone and through a web browser.

Problems and difficulties before implementing call verification

In the process of developing a mobile application, the customer analyzed the options for user verification and drew attention to a new type of phone number confirmation – through a call.

The main motive for choosing authorization was a simple and understandable way for the client to authorize. To save the user from entering an infinitely long code using SMS. A different approach was required to solve the problem, and it was found.

How the call authorization was implemented

In the process of discussing the project, we proposed 2 methods of authorization by calling instead of SMS:

1. Using the nearest button 1 in the IVR menu
2. Code of the last 4 digits of the incoming number.

To test the service, we provided an API so that the customer could test the service in practice and choose the most suitable confirmation method for himself.

A simple API allowed the customer's programmer to perform all the necessary work on the interaction of systems without our participation. In tests, along with ease of perception for the client, special attention was paid to the stability of the service and instant call delivery.


The next day, after testing the system, the customer decided to launch the project commercially. The client opted for verification by pressing button 1 in the IVR menu.

We have recorded several versions of the voice message of a professional announcer and offered them to choose from. After approval of the entry and a number to call, the project was put into operation.
  • A simple verification method for users
  • A convenient way to verify a phone number from a computer and mobile app
  • Personal account with all statistics and real user numbers
  • 100% call delivery
  • Instant authorization
  • Verification by call allowed to reduce the budget by 3 times compared to SMS
  • Reducing to 0 the number of failed verifications
Also, the client simplified verification for users and eliminated the need to enter endlessly long codes via SMS.
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We have made the service as convenient as possible for easy and quick integration into your project
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