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For the medical information system, an essential factor is the authorization of the patient's actual phone number, who chooses a medical institution and makes an appointment with a doctor online.

To identify the patient's number, was looking for the most reliable verification method. With guaranteed call delivery, it would recognize the real user and be protected from spambots and inappropriate verifications.

Problems and difficulties before implementing call verification

When choosing a verification method, the client took into account the experience of working with SMS, which has several significant drawbacks:

1. This is an expensive and not entirely reliable way. It is also known that there are failures in the delivery of SMS. Messages can arrive with a delay of up to 5 minutes, which ultimately leads to the loss of customers.

2. SMS does not solve the problem of verifying city numbers whose users call to make an appointment with a doctor.

How the call authorization was implemented

We created a working chat with the client and started discussing the project. Also, we provided an API for system integration, answered all questions, and gave recommendations on implementing the solution on the client-side.

A simple API made it possible to quickly complete all the necessary settings and successfully test the service in practice. In tests, along with ease of perception for the client, special attention was paid to the stability of the service and instant delivery of the call.


After successfully testing the service, the client chose the verification method by pressing button 1 in the IVR menu, which made it possible to obtain guaranteed service and savings in the face of a growing number of verifications.

- The cost of implementation by SMS was calculated by application: (1 SMS = UAH 0.40) × number of messages per month = number per case. If it is necessary to send up to 100,000 such SMS messages, the implementation cost would cost UAH 40,000 per month.

- Service cost per call: (1 call = UAH 0.15) × number of calls per month = amount to be paid. We take 100,000 call authentications and get 15,000 UAH monthly.

In total, monthly savings are UAH 25,000, which is about UAH 300,000 per year.

Therefore, the choice is obvious, and the customer chose the call.

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