Authorization of guests when ordering and writing off bonuses in restaurants Mafia and Casta


For the national restaurant networks MAFIA and CASTA, replacing plastic loyalty cards with confirmation of the guest's identity by phone number were necessary.
We were faced with the task of making the confirmation of contact details simple and comfortable for guests and getting a real customer number.

Problems and difficulties before implementing call verification

Previously, in order to accumulate bonuses, guests went through a questionnaire, where they independently indicated their data. After that, they received plastic cards, which often did not turn out to be with the guest and he could not use the loyalty program.
As a result, the effectiveness of the loyalty program has decreased. There was also a problem that many guests did not want to bother with questionnaires at all.

How the call authorization was implemented

We have applied one-time code technology.
The user enters his phone number in the form on the site or calls the waiter, after which he receives a call, where the code is the last 4 digits of the incoming number.

This decision brought tangible results in the speed of the first response, which allowed to receive additional registrations on the site.

Entering your personal account has become simple for regular customers because now you do not need to enter a complex code via SMS. In addition, it turned out that not all SMS were delivered to user numbers.


We managed to improve the convenience of the visitor's interaction with the site at the stage of filling in the data for authorization and getting a guaranteed way to deliver the code to the client.

We also reduced the cost of authorization by call by more than 3 times, since the cost of a call to a user starts from 0.1 UAH, and SMS from 0.35 UAH.
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